Service Times
Sunday School 1:00 pm
Sunday Worship 2:00 pm
Wednesday Night Youth 5:45pm – 6:40pm
Wednesday Night Worship 7:00pm
Our Mission:
“No matter what your life is, we are to present a place where you can come in and feel the presence of the Lord.  Worship God the way you choose…whether that’s run, shout, sit quietly or simply bow your head…allowing no man to judge you and only God to do the changing.”
 – Pastor Toby S.  Hise

Pastor Toby S. Hise

Pastor Toby has been in full-time ministry for over 25 years, beginning by traveling for 10 years as an Evangelist from February 1993-2003.  She traveled, carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the country and overseas while experiencing miracles, salvation, and working to bring unity to the Body of Christ.  She has been the keynote speaker in various conferences across the country.  She has also helped to establish several churches, including THE CHURCH “Of New Beginnings” in Eldorado, IL and other ministry outreaches throughout the years.  Pastor Toby labors in various forms of ministry in the United States and overseas such as serving as Founder/President of CRY4HLP Ministries Inc., Int’l., President of TCBC (The Call Bible College), and several missionary trips to Africa where she helped provide food and supplies in deprived areas. She serves as an Executive Board Member for Collaborative Women’s Conference and has appeared on The Heart of Collaboration television show, hosted by Dr. Bernice Belt.  Pastor Toby has been the Pastor of THE CHURCH “Of New Beginnings” in Eldorado, IL since October 2002.  She is a Certified Christian Counselor and has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Theology.  Many people call her Pastor, but there’s also a multitude of ministers, singers, saints and sinners that call her FRIEND.

A little history of THE CHURCH…

THE CHURCH ‘Of New Beginnings” was founded by Pastor Toby Hise in Eldorado, IL in 2002.  This congregation has experienced much success, growing from a congregation of 16 to around 100 today.  THE CHURCH started with its first meeting being held in a trailer in Equality, IL, then moved to the Community Center in Equality and then on to the old black American Legion in the neighboring town of Carrier Mills.  During this time THE CHURCH began to operate under CRY4HLP Ministries Inc., which is the governing 501 c 3 for THE CHURCH “Of New Beginnings”.  We are blessed to still have two of the original board members active today.  From Carrier Mills, THE CHURCH moved to a storefront building in Pastor Toby’s hometown of Eldorado.  THE CHURCH now is established in a 16,000 square-foot building and is debt-free.  With a God-given VISION, we are looking to move to a larger location.  By faith, we are already preparing the current building as our International Headquarters.